Saturday, July 14, 2007

25 motif challenge

Here are 4 more snowflakes made from patterns in Lene Bjorn's book. These are all done with #12 perle cotton - white. Their size is approx. 3.5" across.

There is a deviation from the pattern on the top, left flake. It has 7 tips rather than 6 because I put an extra chain in the center. It pays to count and watch what you're doing! When I noticed the mistake, I chose to continue rather than to scrap the project and start over. It's still a lovely snowflake.

As I'm making these I'm trying to decide which is my favorite. Right now I don't know. I'm also getting more adept at tatting in continuous rounds by using split chains and split rings. I'll be a better tatter when I complete this challenge.

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