Saturday, October 12, 2013

Shirley's Dresden Plate

Last fall I was given a quilted Dresden plate quilt block made by friend Shirley Liby. To that I added a border of 4" pieced blocks followed by a floral print border. To that I added a border of 3" 4-patches. The quilt measures approx 36" square. In January I had the quilt done with light blue binding and a tatted center motif and edging around the Dresden plate. 

This summer I worked on another edging to further embellish this little quilt. It's now done and attached to the quilt. 

Close up of tatted edgings. 


wickedtats said...

This is lovely. The edgings are exquisite! How did you attach the edgings?

Joyce said...

Thank you for your complements. Of all the quilts I've made, this is one of my favorites.

To attach tatting, I use a similar color sewing thread, anchor the thread by making about 3 stitches on top of one another very close to tatting . Then keep the threaded needle in the hem of garment or in this case inside the quilt being careful not to go through the backside. Come up at edge of each picot and back down through the picot. This anchors the tatting to garment or quilt. None of this tatting has many picots so I caught every picot. End sewing with several stitches in place very close to tatting so it doesn't show.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Are these Lizbeth colors? They are perfect for the borders around the plate and the block, and give a nice definition. Whoever did the quilting also did a great job!

Joyce said...

The tatting around the Dresden plate is Flora color # 83 and the tatting next the the border is Lizbeth color #122. Love the luscious colors available to us from Lizbeth!