Friday, December 6, 2013

Tatting class homework

Here's a tatted daisy made from size 30 variegated yellow thread with a heart button in the center. I've put a button pin on the back so it can be used as a broach. This will be a Christmas gift. I'm learning to have a button or two in mind for the center before I begin tatting so I don't make the center ring too small for the button shaft to go through. This piece is about 2" across. 

The next photo is from the December 3 Online Tatting Class. It's Tatted Star Doily. Thank you to Charlene Finiello and Carolyn Groves for this pattern. The pattern called for size 10 thread. I chose instead to use size 12 perle cotton in colors I already had along with beads I had. When I calculated the number of beads I'd need for the last round, I didn't think there would be enough of the blue beads I'd started using so I decided to use clear beads along with the blue ones. The finished star measures 4.5" across and will go on my Christmas tree. It would also look lovely hanging in a window. 

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