Monday, February 3, 2014

Biggs block 2

Ever make changes a project after you've started it?

I'm excited about the Just Takes 2 Biggs quilt but having worked on and still working the completion of the JT2 2012 quilt, I don't need another large red and white quilt. So what do I do?  I don't really want to do block 1 over so think, think.  ....

As I had already planned on purple for the block corners, I decided to use purple for most of the blocks. In order to also use block 1 done with red, I'll use red on all the corner blocks of the quilt and perhaps in the center block as well. I'll still need to decide what color(s) to put in the border. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Here's a photo of block 2:

And here's a photo showing blocks 1 & 2. There are 25 blocks in this quilt and my plan at the moment is to use red only in the 4 corner blocks and in the center block. 

Spring is coming!  In spite of our snow covered ground and rooftops and a forecast for several inches of new snow - a flock of robins is currently at home (East Central Indiana) in our neighborhood. We first noticed them when we got home from church yesterday. Wow! Groundhog's day and the first robins all in the same day. Robins are pretty brave, strong birds as they usually arrive before we've had our last snowstorm. 

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