Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bandana Quilt

I saw a quilt similar to this online and thought it looked like it'd be a cute baby quilt. This consists of 4 bandanas, 2 border pieces and fleece backing. It will be given to my quilt guild for local distribution to one of the several charities we donate to. 

This quilt had many challenges due to the use of bandanas. They are not printed straight nor are they cut straight and square. I trimmed a little, fudged a little and then decided there was nothing that could be done about the cockeyed print. So put the whole thing together as is. I have enough bandanas to make 1 more and probably will at some point -  but on it, I'll know to expect bandanas that aren't square and also are badly printed. 

The pattern itself is cute and makes an interesting, colorful quilt but my advice is to forget the bandanas and use squares cut from yardage. Use squares that are 18-20".  One square is the center. The next border is made from cutting a square into 4 quarters by cutting diagonally through the corners, making 4 triangles. . The last border consists of triangles formed from cutting 2 squares in half diagonally (from corner to corner).

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