Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Crochet Along clue 8

Today clue 8 of the Mystery Afghan Crochet Along came out. This week the directions are for an edging consisting of 2 rows - a sc row and a crossed triple crochet row. What a great way to edge an afghan or piece of crochet!  With crochet thread, it would be great as an edging on a towel or hanky. What about on dish towels? Oh, great use for the balls If size 10 thread I have which ,for me, is too big to tat with.  The options are many. 

I wasn't surprised for the border to be this week. Since this is a mystery, we who are doing the crochet along are still wondering what we'll do on the top with those parts that appear to still need something else. 

Even though I've only done a table mat size using what scrap yarn I had and not an afghan, I'm glad that I did this crochet along. I've learned so much!  Things like adding to the top of a granny square, joining blocks with a braid and this lacy looking (even with yarn) edging. 

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