Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Crochet Along Clue 10

The crochet along is finished!

I've had a few surprises along the way and I've done several new (to me) techniques so I feel that this was definitely worth doing. There are several techniques that I will likely do again on another project. 

I expected something else to be done or added to the blocks as there are, in addition to the typical holes one has in a granny square, there are those corner chain accents (green).  These are anchored in the corner but each section of  the loose chain laying on top of the base block is about 2" long - big enough for an adult to get a finger or fingers caught in, much less children. Though it's a lovely piece to look at, I don't think it very practical to use as an afghan. 

So. . . I'm glad I didn't make all the blocks needed for an afghan. I've learned from quilt mysteries I've done to do just a small piece rather than the large project.  When the finished product isn't seen until all the parts are completed, sometimes I'm very pleased and sometimes I'm disappointed in the finished result. With this project, it's a little of both. 

What about this piece? It is approximately 25" square. Unlike a quilted piece, it's too flimsy for a wall hanging. I'll likely use it as a table topper. 

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