Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mariner's Compass Block

My First Mariner's Compass Block

Mariner's Compass was the focus of the lesson at the last quilt guild meeting. We learned how to draft a pattern in whatever size we wanted and were given some patterns and coloring pages. In the packet was an 8" mariner's compass block. Since 8" blocks are what are being used for the wounded warrior quilts our guild is making, I decided to start with that. All of this block was paper pieced. Will I do any more?  Most likely!  It was quite easy yet looks very complicated. 

After completing the block, I thought it would be great in the center of the quilt I'm making from old quilt blocks. So I added borders as I'm doing with the other blocks. I think this will add a focal point in the center of my quilt. It looks even better with the borders. 

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