Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2 finishes

Since my last posting, I've not yet worked on the Just Take 2 blocks - there are just 3 this time and I also realized that the next section will be done next month.  I've been  working on some other projects instead.  I got several small quilts and wallhangings labeled.  I still have some other items that need labels but want to print the labels and haven't yet typed them up.

I did finish a baby quilt (36" x 45") for my quilt guild baby project.  The quilts for this go to a local charity. I picked up the quilt top from a guild meeting a few months ago. It was a printed panel with one border added - to which I added a couple more borders and then quilted using fleece for the backing (no batting). This makes for a soft, cuddly quilt some little child will enjoy. I took it to quilt guild and turned it in tonight.

Also completed is another small quilt (36" x 48") made from some quilt blocks I made years ago.  I think I started these blocks in 1999 just before the turn of the century. All of the small pieces are different and were 2" charm squares. I had enough for a larger quilt but chose to get them used and into quilts quickly so as to be done with these blocks so I'll have a twin size and a baby size.  I'll post a photo of the small quilt here. I have the twin size nearly finished and it is done with the same fabrics and block sets. I hope to finish it soon. It will be very nice to have 2 completed charm square quilts  instead of a stack of blocks. Yeah!

Just a reminder to those quilter's reading this - if your machine doesn't have a low bobbin thread warning, look behind your needle occasionally, especially if you're working on quilting or long seams, to make sure you're still using 2 threads. Why the reminder? I didn't check today while quilting a baby quilt and had to start a line on quilting over again - after I put in a new, full bobbin. I needed the reminder.

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