Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tatted Lanyard

When traveling with a group, lanyards are often used and/or required. The generic ones are usually so long that my name tag hangs nearly to my waist and I don't like having a knot in them at the back of my neck - so here's the one I made. It is 24" long and I can get it on and off without fastening it. It's made from Lizbeth #20 thread, color 131. I bought the beads recently at Wal Mart thinking I may have a use for them someday. This was my first attempt at adding beads to the center of a split ring. If nothing else, it was good practice as I feel rather comfortable doing it. I used Jane Eborall's directions which were easy to follow. I'll probably make some more of these for a lanyard or necklace. Next time I may try some smaller beads on picots as well.

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