Sunday, January 12, 2014

B. Biggs block A-1

I've completed my 1st block for the Just Takes Two Benjamin Biggs quilt project. This block is called Apple Pie Ridge Star. I wasn't familiar with this block but I'll recognize it now. I made an adaptation to the JT2 pattern and that was to use a comma shape in place of the ball shapes on the Biggs quilt. I like it better this way. It is more like the blocks I saw online when I looked for info on this block. 

I used a purple batik for the corner flower buds and after several attempts to get a photo, they still look darker in the photo than they appear to be on the fabric. I will try to use a lighter green for the corner leaves in the future. I think this will help the flower buds to show up better. 

I haven't yet trimmed the block. I may wait and do several at one time. 

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