Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kitchen Sink/6" pink-brown swap

At least a year ago, I found a pattern called "everything but the kitchen sink" ,a 85 x 98" quilt made with mini 9-patches and bordered 6" blocks. The 6" blocks were all stars but I thought this would be a perfect setting for the 6" pink/brown swap blocks I had. So I pulled out the pink mini 9 patches from my collection of mini 9's and grabbed the stack of 6" pink/brown blocks and sorted through my fabrics looking for pinks.  I had quite a few, mostly fat 1/4's but not enough so I bought several more pink fabics and started putting all the pieces together, after cutting the additional parts I needed.

(The pink/brown blocks and the mini 9's collection are blocks I swapped on blockswappers.
I thoroughly enjoyed this group but am no longer a member as I need to use the blocks and get quilts made with the blocks I have.)

When I had the quilt top completed, I asked a friend to quilt it on her longarm. The backing is a very tiny floral with pink flowers on white background.  I used a brown fabric for binding.
This quilt is for DH and I and we will enjoy using it. 

This pattern is a free download from RJR Fabrics where one can find lots of free patterns.
Here's the link:


Dayquilt said...

I like your borders better than the pattern - it really needs the extra white! And what a fun way to use sampler/swap blocks!

wickedtats said...

What a lovely quilt!

Pat L said...

So pretty!

Nann said...

Congratulations on the fine finish, Joyce! I participated in that swap, too -- I recognize the blocks. Your setting is terrific. Thanks for sharing your version and the link to the RJR website.