Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just Takes 2 Unit 19

There were 4 blocks posted on Oct. 1, one of which I posted earlier (the appliqued keys). I have now completed all 4 blocks which you can see here. The keys and boat are 6 inch finished blocks, the bow tie section - 3 x 12 inches and the large applique block is a 12 inch finished block.

I'm anxious to get the directions for putting together the next section of this quilt.  We've put together 2 sections. The first 2 section clues were posted in April and July. Perhaps there will be 2 more sections or there could be only 1 section left and in that case, the next section clue won't come until all of the blocks have been posted.  At any rate, I'm glad that I started this quilt and have been able to keep up with all of the steps. I've learned a lot, gained a lot of experience with various techniques and I'll have a beautiful quilt when I'm finished.


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Sheila said...

Joyce, your blocks look great, and i agree we have learned a lot since beginning this, things i for one would never have attempted on my own.